Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess who's back?

ok..i don't know if anybody or anyone is going to read this for that matter. But i'll just write some stuff...heh...i think i am going back into blogging, since im done with my As.

well life has been an ass but also great at times. soon im entering a new phase. NS lah sey!!! I got into Civil Defence and as Zahid put it, abg-abg api. Heh. Okla i guess...CD pun CD la..heh..

anyway, i got a few poems i came up with, but it is in malay. and some in english. I almost lost touch with the whole writing stuff. heh. been scientised by A levels. Say what? im taking bio, phy and econs..where got inspiration like that??

heh..ok this is a bit random but yeah..im just typing what i want to..my blog what?heh..ok..i dunno if anybody reads this la ok.

Respect De Chao.