Monday, December 25, 2006

Party's Over

If you ever be in a revolution, you might as well win it....

wassup people...see..its the last week of holidays and damn...i still have alot of homeworks to do...i hate online assignments...i dunno me orthodoxical but i prefer doing homework on paper using a pen/ just flow better...and akin to that...i have overdue online assignments...leceh to the max ah....

reason being why my hws undone is because..for the past one month..has been all party...and non academic work....podcast...going out with of course just slacking and reliving the glory of the post 'O's days..snapped back to reality when i happen to look at the calender one fine day..i realised school is in a stones throw away...i tried doing some physics stuffs...and expected...i forgot most of the stuff..lots of catching up to do..time to get down to business..

anyway...something recent...a friend got hospitalized...for appendix...never jump around after eating man...never...get well soon Aidil...

my home comp is spoiled..using my sister's laptop now...since the comp is spoiled...the distraction is kept to the siblings and me started doing what we did when we were young kids...playing carrom...tea 3 in the morning..insane people..but..thats what bonding is some love... N73 is such an ass right now..gonna hit the nokia service centre to repair..i just bought dammit...

aight..inspiration doesn't seem to flow nowadays..mebbe bcoz im busy..but the next rhyme..i'm gonna make sure its dope..

and yeah..Merry Christmas to those celebrating...aight...

till we meet again next time...

We gotta keep on walking.

Zul Pujangga

"I wish that you could show some love, instead of hating so much when you see some other people coming up"

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Allahuakhbar, Allahuakhbar
mataku setengah pejam.
Allahuakhbar, Allahuakhbar
cahaya di kamar kelam.

Asyhadu allaa ilaaha illallah
menyergah mimpi, kesunyian malam
asyhadu anna Muhammadar-Rasuulullah
bangkit jasadku dari tilam.

Haiya 'alash-shalaah!
airwuduk membasahi wajah.
Haiya 'alal-falaah!
seruan belum disahut ummah.

Ash-shalaatu khairun minan-naum,
bangkitlah wahai manusia!
Ash-shalaatu khairun minan-naum
dari penindasan dan kedangkalan ilmiah!

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar
syukur rezeki dari yang esa.
Laa ilaaha illallaah
pintu taubat masih terbuka.

kelahiran diiringi azan,
kematian diiringi solat.
Antara azan dan solat,
betapa singkatnya hidup ini.

Zulqarnain MN

-Zul Pujangga-

Why? now my PW is over...the a different exams are over and Alhamdulillah i passed all my subjects..and got 1st position...thank god..hope for more good news in future...

raya-ing with friends is aight...going out this monday with the IJC far have been out with evergreen sec mates...nice people they are..its fun to meet them again..n just make time stop for a while..n reminiscing the past..the times during the whole 4 year stint..n treasuring the friendship that we have..haha..

money is the least of my priority...i didn't even calculate how much i got..and use it as if i'm drinking plain water..knawmsayin?..i'm not as spendthrift as i used to be..i'm gonna discipline my money again..haha..

anyway..on the 9th of november, Zul Pujangga turned 17...can't believe it..time flies so fast..that i have no time to grab it..

in the midst of that bithday wishes and all..i wondered..why celebrate when u r a year closer to death? of my friend said its an untimely moment to think of stuff like that..but if i dun reflect on my birthday...then when?

anyway..i found the all boils down to moderation...u can celebrate and thank God and people around you for helping you to come thus far..however not too much of it..Yin & Yang...

i do have alot to do in the coming holidays..and most of it are mini projects..i planned to write and make a rhyme with Fudin...he rhyming in english..and i'm rhyming in malay..see how it goes...then podcast recording for national podcast competition..and of course..the homeworks and revision for JC2 much for holidays...

"Your work will never end until you take your last 'A' level paper."
hell yeah...

so..till the next time we meet..

Respect till infinity

-ThePoet/ Zul Pujangga-

"Verily, all things have We created in proportion and measure."(54:49)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Eid Mubarak

today is the last day of Ramadhan..i'm sad..also hapy that Aidilfitri is here...talking about tension of the opposites..hehe..

tmr will be payday and gathering of the Haroon clan..and at nite will be gathering at my maternal aunts place..woohoo..can't wait for that too..

anyway..this entry is a short one...yeah..just wanna wish all my muslim friends and everyone to be exact:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidlifitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin

I feel an inspiration flowing into my mind...if i get to pen it down..i'll post it here by tonite aight..anyway enjoy the night and soak in the rhythm of the takbir.


Respect till infinity


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lailatul Qadar or Lailatul Bazaar?

I finished my exams this week and so i had the time to do a litle bit of catching up with the media hype. In the midst of the fasting month i wonder, whats all this month is about? The small boy in me who is still discovering Islam and being naive, turns to media to seek answers. Advertisements and promotions flashed on the goggle box, catchy tunes and jingles create a melody. Switched on the radio and again, promotions of fiesta and festivals for the whole month is widely publicized. A response from an on street interview stuck onto my mind," This nightly event have allowed me to strenghten the inter-relation bonds between me and my family." And i thought i got the answers.

I have heard that before. The month of ramadhan is to strenghten your relationships with your fellow counterparts. And looking at the majority of the events that are publicized, the month of ramadhan is the month of fiesta and party- every weekend, every night with concerts and music, food galores and whatnot. But is that all Ramadhan is worth of? Is that the main reason why muslims are commanded to fast in the first place?

And then it hit me,"O believers, fasting have been made obligatory upon you as it was made obligatory upon those who came before you so that you all may attain piety."(2:183). These were the signs that, probably ramadan is more than month of just mere entertainment. The objective is made clear, "so that you all may attain piety." I turned to hadis for an insight, and Prophet (s.a.w) described fasting as a shield for the votary to vanquish worldly desires.(Al Haleemiy). Worldly desires. That phrase sinked deep into my mind. Surfeiting entertainment, does that count to be worldly desires? I looked back at the previous months, there were no such one whole month of full-swing carnival. And during ramadan there is. Why is it the month when the main objective is to suppress our worldly desires is then full of events fulfilling the opposite?

Isn't it paradoxical? I wonder why or rather how two things are happening simultaneously. At one place, there are concerts going on, with glittering lights and glam, loud music, dances and food, illuminating the enlightened nights of ramadhan. A few kilometres away, i see people standing in straight lines they called 'saf'. Voices that speaketh nothing but the revelations revealed through Gabriel a few thousand years ago. And soon after they humbled by placing their forehead on the ground with every of their movement, the ruku' and sujud etc accompanied with a five syallable word with one meaning: God is Great. I stood confused and perplexed, which one should i go? So i try checked. I'm a muslim, the people praying are muslims. But then, they in the concerts are also muslims. So which one?

So i reckon, probably, entertainment is fine. As long as we follow Yin and Yang, the law of balance. We are humans and we need them. But when its amount exceeds what we always have(in other months), something must be wrong. Something is indeed out of place. Especially when it is the time for us to cut down on them.

Its either people is wrong or i am wrong. For satan is not at fault. Maybe i'm just too extreme. But then again i'm just a little boy in search of mere truth in the midst of the axiom.

"Show us to the right path: the path whom you give privileges and not of those whom you wrathed and had gone astray."(1:6 &7)

Respect till infinity


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ramadhan Mubarak i'm back...its been a long time since isn't?..and people have been bugging me to update so here it goes...

First things first...I wanna wish all my muslims brothers and sisters..Selamat berpuasa..and that goes to muslims around the world. And in conjunction with the Ramadhan month, my tutor whose name is Ramadhan gave me a book called the "Reliance of The Believer In Ramadhan" by Mohammed Iqbal Bin Abdullah. Its a good book..with really in depth information about the month of ramadhan and things in parallel to the matter. It costs $15 in the market and i got it for free...Jazakallahu Khairan to Abg Ramadhan.

And i would like to take this chance to say this: those of you who are not fasting due to valid or wack reasons...please don't eat and drink in some respect for your own religion..and don't tarnish our image...It ain't nice when you have a non-muslim coming to you and asking," how come that guy is eating in the fasting month? I thought you all cannot eat at this time right?" whom it may concern..go figure..nuff' said.

Anyways, promos are here and I'm giving my all for it...I really hope that i will be able to pull through this yeah...anyway..nerds are cool..get that?one more things is this PW stuff...its time consuming and irritating...eating up most of my time where i can actually study or do something else..

last friday was my General Paper and mother tongue promos..It was 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigghhtt'...i tried my best and thats what that matters...after that whole tiring day..a lighter moment with my friends...crashed to Al Amin for iftar...dope deal they have there..$7 per person and we ate as if we paid $15...Al Amin is the ish' man..good food, good friends, good time....ribut gua cakap sama lu!!...

so tomorrow is my maths and economics paper..the schools exam committe is a GENIUS...maths and economics on the same day...they gotta be doping when they are making our exam timetable..anyway..its mind over matter...get my thing and get out..tomorrow is my exam..and what am i doing here??

Anyway..wish me luck for my promos...God help this month of thy mercy to your lowly servant. Amin.

aight.till i spit again...

Respect till infinity


"O believers, fasting has been made obligatory upon you as it was made obligatory upon those who came before you so that you all may attain piety."(2:183)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ain't got no choice

I freezed in the frosted memory of the moonlight,
in the midst of the night,giving glimpses of grilling sights.
Despair over the mountains that proved too high
and morality of humans that proved too dry.
It's just by your instincts that you refused to try,
but to kneel down hold your hand towards the sky.
Reality makes you feel like shit,
but then again it echoes hollow, "its decreed!".
At times things happen beyond our ability,
and i guess thats why we call it destiny.

As i soldier on just to complete formality,
stay just in disparity and upright in adversity.

Zulqarnain MN

. its been quite a while i has been too busy...moving so fast and anyway...

the whole time, i have been participating in alot of activities, one of them is the pesta peti was held in NAFA on the 25th july, was a total great experience, as thats the first time i tried acting in front of a paying audience...i have never even tried acting before..interesting shit...the experience was enriching..but what i was really proud of is that..the whole thing, the script, the story, rehearsals is done five days before the real show.. as the initial story was wack and was scraped....and we manage to put up a good show...fantastic...and my other two actors acted really well..congrats to thanx too everyone in the pesta peti putih..the crew members...and teater ekamatra...nice working with all of you..and not forgetting my sisters, dad and mom...who showed great support for me..and my school production..

anyway..during the rehearsals, i get to meet Harun and my sis friends..we were performing on the same day with NUS...and i think i spilled some beans...much love to sis..heh..anyway..its cool..NUS showed a dope production and storyline..abstract yet fathomable..interesting..i like it..

summer was ok..not good at all..yet not that fucked up..i passed as a whole..but still..i know i am capable of'm gonna ace the mid course is getting more tiring..everytime i reached my crib...i feel like just wanna sleep and wake up the next day...but then..there's yeah..

and my malay blog won the school weblog competition as the best language baby!!!aight..thats more of ThePoet aight...

so till next time..i'm out..and do keep the tags coming...aight..

Respect till infinity


ThePoet on Science

It is now common to read a newspaper of which the front page reports on the tension caused by nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and other biological threats while the next page depicts how science is helping in maintaining the environment and a potential multimillion dollar industry in future. Within all this, rise a paradox and a controversy, is science helping or hurting us? Science itself is a subject that focuses on how things work, leading into creations and inventions such as how physics and math brought about technology and engineering. The argument can be substantiated in four main points of contention which are security, socio-cultural, environmental and economy. In all these aspects, the argument will demonstrate on how science is more of a help than a detriment to the human race by weighing out the pros and cons.

“Tensions escalate as nuclear talks between Washington and Pyongyang fails.” These are some of the news that is making headlines in the papers, television reports and other modes of mass media worldwide. The insidious effects of science are conspicuous here, of which it brings about political instability and a high tendency of dire repercussions such as war and health hazards. The advancement in scientific research has brought about discovery of nuclear power, which is manipulated into powerful and lethal weapons, weapons of mass destruction, armory and biological weapons such as chemicals, bacteria and viruses. Apparently, the manipulations of these scientific products are causing harm to humans. We have seen how anthrax, a kind of bacteria caused a shockwave of panic across the world, disrupting mail services and putting everybody at risk of being infected. The chemical plant explosion in Chernobyl which claimed many lives and even survivors are not spared from the aftermath. The survivors are still suffering from cancer and genetic mutation. Their offspring are born deformed and most did not survive for more than a few years. Their clouds and atmosphere is still polluted with radioactive particles, which takes an insurmountable time to diffuse and disappear. The recent Iraq war too which killed thousands of innocent civilians is launched due to the search for weapons of mass destruction. The effects brought about due to science here is dangerous. It has the ability of massacre and yet often than not the panacea discovered is too late to save the devastating outcome in the aftermath. Akin to the introduction of science to the world is opening of the Pandora’s Box, which has caused the world to go asunder.

On the contrary, it is undeniable that science has brought about many benefits that have helped humans. One of them is the advancement in the medical sector. The research in medicine and biomedical sectors has allowed humans to sustain life and cure diseases which might have caused death a hundred years ago. The development in the medical sector also brought about a higher standard of living and allowing people to take pre-emptive measures. For instance, the discovery of calcium pills, iron pills and other similar supplements can spare the adults from the aches and pains due to aging process or at least alleviate them. Even a pregnant mother eats according to the doctor’s recommendation to ensure the health of the baby. Scientific research allowed us to find the source and reasons for diseases. Scientists now know the reason of why flu persists and how to take preemptive measures lest it becomes a pandemic. The H5N1 virus is now being researched by scientists on how to contain the virus. This information has helped people in ensuring their health. The medicine production firms are also reaping the benefits as they can predict the time of which production should be increased, which in turn will save many from being maimed for life by the flu. Hence, to assert that science is detrimental to us is a biased viewpoint.

Science has also helped in the maintaining of the environment. Through studying genetics, scientists and zoologists are helping in breeding animals which are at the brink of extinction to flourish once again. Other than helping in breeding animals which are endangered, botanists are using genetics to propagate endangered plants and plants which contain medicinal value. This helps to increase the rate of production of medicines extracted from these natural resources. On the notion of increasing production, plantations companies are using tissue culture top ensure a good yield in their harvest. Science is a tool used to help and develop their business; a good example would be the oil palm plantation in Malaysia, which employs the tissue culture, to increase production and a better harvest. The utilization of science in research of the oil palm plantation also starts to show results as the oil palm trees might be a possible resource for medicines. Therefore, science has increased man’s ability in research and development, which might help in bringing the world onto a more prosperous and safe platform as increasing resources for antidotes and our basic necessities are discovered.

In Singapore, the government has embarked on a project in the life sciences. The research and development have helped Singapore in creating jobs for the citizens. Singapore is currently working with other countries in making advancements to life-sciences. The increase in investments in Singapore due to science and technology has helped in prospering the nation’s economy.

Science Is a double edged sword, in which one bears benefits to man while the other results in dire repercussions. However, these consequences are brought about by the abuse of science and using it for negative intentions. Therefore, it is not science that hurts but humans himself that manipulate it to cause harm. Looking at the far more benefits that science bears, the argument is much inclined that science is more of a help than a hurt to mankind.


Respect till infinity


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Poem of The Cloak

Is it because of your remembrance of the neighbours of Dhi-salam.
That tears mixed with blood are flowing (from your eyes).
Or is it because of the breeze blowing from Kaazimah.
Or it is the lightning struck in the darkness of the night Idam
What has happened to your eyes, (the more) you tell them to stop, the more they continue flowing.

What is the matter with your heart, (the more) you tell it to come to its senses, (the more it is distracted).
Does the lover think that his love can be concealed.
While his eyes are shedding tears and his heart is glowing.
Had it not been for the love, you would not have shed tears at the ruins (of your beloved).
Nor would you become restless at the remembrance of the cypress (tree) the high mountain.
How do you deny love after the testimony.
Borne against you by (such) reliable witnesses as your yours and your illness.
Love has ingrained two lines of fear, and withered your face.
On your cheeks like yellow rose and the reddish tree.
Yes! Thoughts of the beloved came to me at night and kept me awake.
And love transforms pleasure into pain.
you who reproach me, regarding my love, excuse me.
From me to you if you do justice, you would not reproach me.
My state (of love) has been expressed to you, (now) my secret is no longer concealed.

From those who malign (me), nor is there (something to) check my agony.
You have sincerely advised me , I did not heed it.
For verily a lover is deaf to those who advise him.
I regarded with suspicion the advice of the elders in reproaching me.
(Wisdom) in the advice of the elders is above suspicion.

Imam Busairi
ok..this poem is not is the qasidah imam Busairi..nice a great story behind..u wanna noe the story?find out urself..hehe..ok my results...and it sucks big time i tell u....big time..anywae...this is the first yeah...just take it as a learning curve..hope to score of my mid-course..

Al-fatihah to Almarhum Syed Ahmad Semait who passed away in his destination to Kuala Lumpur on 15/7. May Allah bless him, and place him in paradise.

On a lighter note, i am in this pidato shit, a kind of malay language oratorical contest...ashraf and fatimah is in too..evg makes great speakers...

this have been lingering in my mind nowadaes...and soon...i will craft it into a poem..people who momentarily forget that others have feelings...i see it thru witness and experience, hears it thru ink and wait for that poem in my next entry..aight...

school is totally tiring...i'm usually fatigued by the time its friday afternoon...after prayers...i just wanna have some rest...take it slow and steady...catch up on more important things in life...unfortunately in SG, education is one of them..

till here i shall spit...take care and have a good week ahead..

I'm outta here..

Respect till infinity


She's Prime.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Whether it is a sign onto man
or just part of predestination,
it is a message being sent,
of mercy and compassion.
When it meets their eyes and all was light,
their minds drift into wonders.
Names and phrases as they try,
to search and discover the answers.

Even after the ideas and finds,
impromtus that goes unplanned.
Deny they did of a divine,
Authority over lives of man.
It's been a long way, it might have been
still there's an ocean of secrets concealed within.

Zulqarnain MN
Word. This ish came to my mind when i was on my bed falling asleep. It was 3 in the morning and i woke up like one lunatic, grabbed a pen and spit it on paper.

Anyway, exams are done..summer tests are done..only one thing bugging me until the end of year...the Project Work much has to be thing after by one they come..conspiracy shit...but well..lifes good so far..on the 21 june went to watch theviva musica..its a band performance by hai sing catholic at victoria was aaaaaaaaaaight......but the ones that got the night blazing is the peeps around u..all so cool...hyped up...easy going..chill....i had a good time..although i was with ma ex..but hu cares...she is now my yea..i made a few new fren too..sabirah, affan, dayan, leh, huda, yasmin..and more...nice people they all..dope night i had...and the best thing was already 11 30 and i was still at east side(i live in the north btw)...haha..coming back at 3 in da morn is nothing new..but running for the last train..daym..that was close..

School life is aight so far..somehow im just can't be bothered of the things happening around me...aper nak jadi, jadilah..that kind of attitude.but it gotta go soon...coz if not..repercussions might be devastating...

And i was forced into participating in theatre ekamatra, this Pesta Peti Putih shit...its quite unique sister did participated in her pre u days..and so am legacy? of talents?hell yeah!! supposed to be shabir, a guy who influenced his friend to play 4d, with a self fulfilling perception of 4D as an investment instead of a form of gambling...wanna noe how these people act?look out for pak cik melayu yang pegang kertas warne pink in one group and then minum kopi or better..tiger beer!!!observe...and u have it, a real life nowadays...

tmrs idah's food..and thats good..but before that gotta go for this syf shit...i dunno why we are supposed to go.but prolly coz of the national stadium is gonna be torn down soon..and its gonna be hot..and IJ's uniform doesn't help in making us cooler...thanx..

so thats it...more updates coming..but i think..who the hell wanna read about my updates?but who cares if anybody cares?
Its my way on the highway...and im on the highway to hell..

Its all about the bass baby.

Respect till infinity


Monday, June 19, 2006

Sonnet of an Apocalypse

When the first trumpet is blasted,
the earth trembles with fright.
Then mankind chaos and riot
and mothers lost their child.
When the stars trickles like rain
and the moon is cleft asunder,
the mountains break terrain,
Its the eve of hereafter.

When money and material made no more sense,
no more caste, can't distinguish the difference.
Kings and landlords owned no more lands,
everything is futile, no more repentance.
When the earth quavers, crash and burn,
then, we have reached the point of no return.

Zulqarnain MN

Respect till infinity


Monday, June 12, 2006

God Is The Light

How Great The Wonder Of The Heavens
And The Timeless Beauty Of The Night
How Great-Then How Great The Creator ?

And It's Star Like Priceless Jewels
Far Beyond The Reach Of Kings
Bow Down For The Shepherd Guiding Him Home

But How Many Eyes Are Closed To The Wonder Of This Night ?
Like Pearls, Hidden, Deep Beneath A Dark Stream Of Desires
But Like Dreams Vanish With The Call To Prayer
And The Dawn Extinguishes Night
Here Too Are Signs
God Is The Light .

How Great The Beauty Of The Earth And The Creatures Who Dwell On Her
How Great - Then How Great The Creator ?
As It's Mountains Pierce The Clouds
High Above The Lives Of Men
Weeping Rivers For Thousand Of Years

But How Many Hearts Are Closed To The Wonders Of This Sight ?
Like Birds In A Cage, Asleep With Closed Wings
But Like Work Stops With The Call To Prayer
And The Birds Recite,
Here Too Are Signs
God Is The Light, God Is The Light.

How Great The Works Of Man And The Things He Makes
How Great, Then How Great The Creator ?
Thought He Strives To Reach The Heavens
He Can Barely Survive
The Wars Of The World He Lives In

Yet How Many Times He's Tried, Himself To Immortalize ?
Like His Parents Before Him In the Garden Of Eden
But Like The Sun Sets With The Call To Prayer
And Surrenders To The Night
Here Too Are Signs
God Is The Light Everlasting, God is The Light Everlasting, God is The Light Everlasting.

Raihan and Yusuf Islam

Respect till infinity


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Singapore Votes 2006- General Elections

Waiting quite excitedly for the results of my constituency, i watched as the results of each constituencies were announced. As the event unfolds, one thing became very clear- the PAP has been in power for too long and it is practically unfeasible to deny their expected mass victory and their voice of majority in the parliament. This has been a perplexing question for me. Why does the PAP always win the elections? Why not the SDP or other opposition parties for that matter? That question lingers in my mind, Until yesterday that is.

For the first time, i went for an opposition's rally, and the only word i can use to describe the contents putforth is irrelevance. Having read their newsletter way before the rallies started, what that i had been hearing is the highlighting of PAP's flaws. As much as I'm not a PAP's advocate, i still do agree that the PAP has at least displayed their future plannings, policies and schemes in their manifestos. Sadly, i have seen none or rather little of these things being conveyed in the rallies and manifestos in most of the oppositon's.

The opposition's rally remains within the axis of pointing out and picking the faults of others, much less in telling what they want to do to change the status quo. They actually did inform the citizens what they want to do. But how do they plan to go about doing it? What programme do they have in mind? Why look for other's flaw when you yourself doesn't have a policy or a programme to change it? Why exaggerate small issues that is already history? When people are voting for a government that can govern country towards a new and higher platform in the future?My friend was quite amused when reading the newsletters. It could probably qualify as a satirical newsletter rather than a political one.

All in all, i do feel that the nature singaporeans too do have an effect on the outcome of the election results. In my opinion, singaporeans will prefer to stay in the comfort zone. An example would be Potong Pasir, where SDA emerged victor and Hougang where WP too gained victory in the elections. SDA and WP have been ruling their constituencies for quite some time and the residents there are already comfortable with their own party and so continue to vote for them. The majorities mandate for PAP is clear, very evident and apparently beyond question.

The results for Aljunied was quite shocking, with only a small margin of 26 000 between the PAP and WP.2006's election has been quite exciting, with all the events that unfolds, and a more understanding of how the politics work. Maybe i will review on contemplating to participate in the politics. The saga, defamation, propaganda and whatnot might be exciting yet tiring.

I just wish to have at least a quarter of the parliament seats comprising of the opposition. I always believe that having a different perspective in a government is beneficial with reasons that are self explanatory. They all have Singapore's interest at heart anyway. However I'm afraid that my wish might be a little bit too much, reviewing at the current election results.

Respect till infinity


Friday, April 14, 2006

Underdog's Rendition

When the sun starts to shine,
its damn way before nine,
and we know we survived and left yesterday behind,
with eyes heavy we set ourselves to
with lecture sessions-probably the best time to drool.
The buses packed with people that each ear's plugged,
bouncing their
head as if listening to Tupac.
Bass booming in midst of misty morning,
life's rendition according to Pug Jelly and Ronin.
And when we reach school its "Good morning Mrs",
naggy P's, marvellous friends and uptight
Spitting the
mic about theory of relativity,
gets sick in there, its tempts you off your sanity.
Each minute works increasing a pile,
and you look ahead- gotta keep walking a million mile.
And we thought we've end this royal rumble,
then the next day damn, its the same cycle.

Zulqarnain MN

Respect till infinity


Hate it or love it underdogs on top.

IJC poems have been in my mind so inspiration..nothing..prolly inspirations will start to flow again in a well..first week of JC...quite tiring i might say..sch starts at 8 and ends at hours dammit....but the sch is quite ok..everything is new..the Lecture theatres, classroom..u can still smell the scent of those new chairs and all..

As for friends, there is not much problems..because i met alot of ex-evgians in IJ...Ashraf, Afif, kee kwoon etc.....during lectures, the whole row of seats will be occupied with evergreen students..but i do meet other people from other schools..Syazwan, Aman, Hakim just to name yeah...everythings not so bad..

As for CCA's i got into New Media Arts..and i went for the audition...n i managed to pull through! I was accepted as one of their DJs..i rarely listen to the radio and i didn't even know how i managed to pass as a reason for joining the cca is because..i will get to learn how to manage a studio, digital music..and all those stuff...i'm looking forward to learning all these shit..
i took part in a second cca..Malay cultural club or something...i just want to participate in the debate and maybe pidato(oratorical contests)...too bad IJ doesn't offer EL pun bahas lah...debate jugak ape...hehe..

guess i still love to speak in front of a crowd..even thought i still get stage jitters sometimes..hehe..

although next week is a holiday...i have to go to school to attend the Bridging course...its to make up for the lessons we missed during our absence in the first 3 months..holy crap..

and so..that sums up my first week of school..aight..more rhymes coming thats it..happy holidays everyone.

Respect till infinity


An invaluable lesson i wasn't home for about 2 days? I was involved in my late uncle's funeral. He died of cancer at the age of 44 two days ago(02/03/06). Still young, but well, death knows no boundaries.

This is the first time i get the experience of being beside a dying person. Theres nothing much i can do other than lead him in saying the testimony of faith(Dua kalimah syahadah). Its really a good lesson for me. One day, all of us are going to face the same thing.
Its just a matter of time.
I also got the chance to witness them cleaning the corpse. And also assisted the Imam to don the corpse in white cloths(kain kafan). At that time, nothing else matters. You can have a 100 pair of suits made of silk, but when you die, all you wear is just a white cloth made of cotton, stripped of from all the luxuries of life.

The Prophet once said: "When anyone of Bani Adam dies, you will bring nothing except for these three things: All of your good actions, useful knowledge that you have acquired and prayers from your filial children. All of the things you possess will be left behind."

All of us, for sure must have heard this hadis. But it will just slip of our mind within the next minute. But i guess nothing beats what the eyes have seen. I guess this is the most invaluable lesson ever.

Rest In peace Mohamed Yunus bin Ahmad.
May your soul be placed together with the Prophets and all the Syuhada.
Al Fatihah

On a lighter note, I got into Innova JC. There are quite alot of students from EVGS enrolling at Innova.Have to report at 07 30 hrs on Monday. And to my friends who aren't posted to the schools that they opted as their first choice, try to go for the DAE. And if it is still unsuccessful, just remember that there is a silver lining behind every cloud aight.

Till we meet again,

Respect till infinity



hehe..i thought i am in the deepest dilemma ever..but when i saw Affiq choosing his polytechnic courses..mine's not so bad afterall..yesterday..i went to my alma mater and the guard is all it takes to make me feel like not going to that school ever again..I was wearing capal..a malay sandal..and that melayu guard blatantly say that i am wearing boy was wearing sandals and was also given a warning...i read the notice and it wrote"ex students not allowed to enter if wearing SLIPPERS."he is wearing sandals..which part is it that the guard miscomprehended?

But well..met affiq and khairul..and a small impromptu reunion of the E1s and E2s...Sarah, Rai, Steph, Affiq, Khairul, Baolong, Shixian, Keekwoon and Yusi was there..but well..nice meeting them again..and then i discussed with Affiq on the choices...but i myself doesn't really know what all the courses are all about..and so..we seek help from Ms Loola and Mr Viknesh...nice teachers..really informative and affiq made his first choice...Aeronautical engineering...after 3 days of contemplation and not forgetting the stress...but the government ought to give us more time to choose our course...4 days to determine your future is seriously inadequate and insufficient..hehe

As for me..i have made up my mind..and i'm going for course...i will be informed of which school i am going by 3rd march...subject combinations? Have some in my mind already...i write it here when its finalised..and dammit..if i get to Innova, A levels next year...thats fast. everybody..good luck in your future endeavours...aight..

Respect till infinity


History Repeats Itself

Well..the suspense and tension is now gone..i'm quite happy with my results. QUITE. I do think there are some of the subjects that i underperformed..Lit for example..a frigging more sickening can it get?But there are some improvements too..if being compared to my prelims..english, add maths and science especially..I was euphoric when i got to know i am eligible for Junior Colleges..something that has never happened since i took my exams in secondary 3..God really blessed me and i am very thankful indeed...

I never thought i could qualify into jc..cos' of my performance in my prelims..neither did i expect the L1R5 results i managed to for my friends..well some of them did quite well..the top student was none other than Lim Shi Yu with 8 straight As.....there are quite a handful that managed to qualify for jc..n the standards rose as compared to last year..

I seriously would like to thank God,parents, family,teachers,friends and foes and people who have helped me directly or indirectly..and everyone who have given their support..thank you very much..God Bless You all..aight..

And so...for some who knows me...

History Repeats Itself

Alhamdullilah...Thank God...

Respect till infinity


In Allah I trust

Ok.Many have asked me to write a normal entry once in a while. I guess this is my first one. After the O levels. I guess I did nothing much except for doing some voluntary work, recalling my keyboard skills and also slacking all the way at home. A few significant events happened though. And guess what, all those events are reflected in my previous poems. And because of all this unexpected events, I couldn't go for speakeasy. Have been missing it for 2 times consecutively. Two times. Mind you, what a blasphemy.

But I hope I won't miss the next one.My adrenalin has been rushing up to it's peak nowadays. Probably because of the O level results coming out. Seriously, I got no idea how I am going to fair. But I got a strong feeling that I will fail my science. I didn't really feel confident when I was doing the biology paper. God bless me and my peers.

I am trying not to write any political stuff here but well. I got to write this one. Whats up with the people setting up the western embassies into an inferno?I agree that the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is wrong. But the way they are handling it is not appropriate. They should at least do it diplomatically or something.Rather than raging in the street, killing innocent people and picking on westerners.Whom for all you know might also be disagreeing to the cartoons. Sometimes people just put their feelings above their mind.And thats not how a Muslim should act. How ironic.

But for the press, I guess they should be reminded that free speech comes with a great cost and also great responsibility. Any sane individual will think twice or like Vladimir said, a hundred times when doing anything that is provocative to one of the world's greatest religion.

Well, the next time I will write like this again will be, erm..I don't know actually..just when I feel like it aight.

So i guess thats it..I just hope I will do fine or if not better for my O levels.Pray for me and for us.

In God I shall trust.

Respect till infinity



In the midst of the Chinese new year, I suddenly came to realize that not only the Chinese are celebrating their new year; but the Muslims too. The Ma’al Hijrah which falls on the 31st January this year signifies a start to a brand new year according to the Islamic calendar and also the moment where the Islamic civilization is reckoned 1427 years ago.
But what are the lessons that we can draw from the history of Ma’al Hijrah?

At the moment where Prophet Muhammad PBUH started to preach Islam to Mecca, the opposition rise against the teachings of Muhammad PBUH which attacks their way of life and culture which are inhumane and barbaric. After diplomatic ways to hinder the teachings of Muhammad Pbuh fails, methods of violence and isolation set in. Sanctions and embargoes were placed onto all Muslim’s trade. No employer is allowed to employ Muslims. Muslims were persecuted and was forbidden to flee from Mecca. No one is allowed to marry Muslims. As a result of this Muslims were left starving and unemployed.

Lessons Learnt
Allah SWT gave the permission to the Muslims to flee from Mecca. In the fleeing process, the Muslims silently escape from the town of Mecca at night except for Muhammad pbuh and Abu Bakar Ra. An example of a good leader can be seen very well here. Muhammad pbuh as a leader did not escape first. Instead, he ensures that all Muslims are out of Mecca before he escapes, even though he is very well aware that his life is in danger of being murdered by the leaders of Mecca that are against him. Isn’t that what a good leader is about? One who takes care of the welfare of the people under him/her? One that puts the people he/she leads before him/her? One who sacrifice for the well being of the people he/she leads? Great ranks comes with great responsibility.

At the point of leaving Mecca, Prophet Muhammad pbuh was filled with sorrow. He wouldn’t want to leave Mecca if he wasn’t being persecuted and isolated by his people. He was very sad at the fact that he had to leave his birthplace. All for the welfare and the safety of his people. We could see the sacrifices that he made are all to safeguard the interests of his people.

During his journey towards Yathrib(modern day Madinah), he was chased after by the people of Mecca who is offered ten camels if they found Muhammad pbuh. He hid in cave hira. That is a moment of trepidation for Abu Bakar RA. However Prophet Muhammad pbuh tells him to be calm and not feel afraid, be strong and have faith in God and he will protect you from harm. It’s indeed true. By God’s will, a spider cast a web at the entrance of the cave and birds laid their eggs. When the enemy reached the cave, they search no further as they find it absurd for Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakar RA to enter the cave without unraveling the spider’s web and breaking the pigeon’s eggs. A lesson that we can draw here is that we should always have faith in God and always stay calm in the face of adversities. The saying 'panic makes the mind go asunder' is true after all.

Prophet Muhammad took two years to plan the escapade. Consequently, it works. The Muslims reached Madinah safely. Here we could see the importance of meticulous planning before execution of any ideas. As clichéd as it sounds, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Therefore, every event in history serves a purpose. It sure contains a lesson or two that can help us to become a better individual or society. All we need is a moment for self reflection.

May blessings abound from Allah SWT this New Year Insyaallah.

Respect till infinity


On Perspectives

I read an article in a magazine that left a deep effect on me. Here it goes:One day a wealthy man took his son on a trip to the rural villages with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a day and a night at the farm of their poor relatives. When they returned from their trip, the father asked his son:

"How was the trip, son?"

"Very good dad!" replied his son.
"Did you see how life is like for people who are poor?"

"Yes, I did!" said the boy.

"So what did u learn?" asked his father.

The son answered,"I saw that we have a cat at home, and they have three. We have a pool in the garden; they have a stream behind their house that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden; they have the whole sky full of glittering stars and the moon. We buy our vegetables from the supermarket, they pluck theirs fresh and free from their own backyards. Our veranda reaches to the front yard; they have a whole horizon."

When the little boy finished, the father was speechless.His son added" Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are!"

Extracted from NADI magazine, October 2005 issue, volume 02/05 from the segment of 'On perspectives'.

Interesting story isn't it?
Totally Brilliant.

Respect till infinity



Imagine a situation where you were commanded by God to slaughter your only son. Will you abide by God’s command or defy? That is the situation that Prophet Ibrahim a.s faced. He was commanded by God to slaughter his only child, Prophet Ismail a.s. He abided by the command. So did his son who willingly agreed, for his father to slaughter him as he knows that the command is the word of God. And so came Iblis laknatullah who tried to discourage Ibrahim a.s from executing God’s command. Everytime iblis tried to discourage him, he throwed stones at Iblis. This happened three times. And soon came the moment of trepidation-Ibrahim a.s is about to slaughter his son. His son requested for the knife to be really sharpened which will cause a quick death and let him die without much pain. As Ibrahim positioned the knife onto Ismail's a.s throat, God commanded for him to stop. God wants to see the level of loyalty his prophet has for him and God commanded Ibrahim to slaughter a sheep instead. Ibrahim a.s passed the test.

Ibrahim a.s. is willing to sacrifice his son in the cause of God.
How much have we sacrificed for our family, friends and community?

Ibrahim a.s has understood God’s whole plan for him.
Maybe one day we will understand Gods whole plan for us.

Salam Aidiladha.

Love and respect till infinity


Life?What Life?

aight...JC life is stressful..let me give u a taste of it...

8am-5pm School
5pm-7pm Rest
7pm-10 30pm Do homework, revise,tutorials.
1100pm Sleep

(and the next day, its the same damn cycle again)...haha..but actualli its not so bad..coz there are cca's and all..noe i'm sayin?

But watever it gotta be blaze..Right Amin??

Btw, my comps having i might not be updating very frequently...pardon me for that..

I'm Out of here...

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We're all blacks; when the lights go out.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Welcome to the booth.

Aight...So this is my English blog..where i will post everything in keep those tags coming..take care people..rhymes coming right up.

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