Friday, April 14, 2006

Underdog's Rendition

When the sun starts to shine,
its damn way before nine,
and we know we survived and left yesterday behind,
with eyes heavy we set ourselves to
with lecture sessions-probably the best time to drool.
The buses packed with people that each ear's plugged,
bouncing their
head as if listening to Tupac.
Bass booming in midst of misty morning,
life's rendition according to Pug Jelly and Ronin.
And when we reach school its "Good morning Mrs",
naggy P's, marvellous friends and uptight
Spitting the
mic about theory of relativity,
gets sick in there, its tempts you off your sanity.
Each minute works increasing a pile,
and you look ahead- gotta keep walking a million mile.
And we thought we've end this royal rumble,
then the next day damn, its the same cycle.

Zulqarnain MN

Respect till infinity


Hate it or love it underdogs on top.

IJC poems have been in my mind so inspiration..nothing..prolly inspirations will start to flow again in a well..first week of JC...quite tiring i might say..sch starts at 8 and ends at hours dammit....but the sch is quite ok..everything is new..the Lecture theatres, classroom..u can still smell the scent of those new chairs and all..

As for friends, there is not much problems..because i met alot of ex-evgians in IJ...Ashraf, Afif, kee kwoon etc.....during lectures, the whole row of seats will be occupied with evergreen students..but i do meet other people from other schools..Syazwan, Aman, Hakim just to name yeah...everythings not so bad..

As for CCA's i got into New Media Arts..and i went for the audition...n i managed to pull through! I was accepted as one of their DJs..i rarely listen to the radio and i didn't even know how i managed to pass as a reason for joining the cca is because..i will get to learn how to manage a studio, digital music..and all those stuff...i'm looking forward to learning all these shit..
i took part in a second cca..Malay cultural club or something...i just want to participate in the debate and maybe pidato(oratorical contests)...too bad IJ doesn't offer EL pun bahas lah...debate jugak ape...hehe..

guess i still love to speak in front of a crowd..even thought i still get stage jitters sometimes..hehe..

although next week is a holiday...i have to go to school to attend the Bridging course...its to make up for the lessons we missed during our absence in the first 3 months..holy crap..

and so..that sums up my first week of school..aight..more rhymes coming thats it..happy holidays everyone.

Respect till infinity


An invaluable lesson i wasn't home for about 2 days? I was involved in my late uncle's funeral. He died of cancer at the age of 44 two days ago(02/03/06). Still young, but well, death knows no boundaries.

This is the first time i get the experience of being beside a dying person. Theres nothing much i can do other than lead him in saying the testimony of faith(Dua kalimah syahadah). Its really a good lesson for me. One day, all of us are going to face the same thing.
Its just a matter of time.
I also got the chance to witness them cleaning the corpse. And also assisted the Imam to don the corpse in white cloths(kain kafan). At that time, nothing else matters. You can have a 100 pair of suits made of silk, but when you die, all you wear is just a white cloth made of cotton, stripped of from all the luxuries of life.

The Prophet once said: "When anyone of Bani Adam dies, you will bring nothing except for these three things: All of your good actions, useful knowledge that you have acquired and prayers from your filial children. All of the things you possess will be left behind."

All of us, for sure must have heard this hadis. But it will just slip of our mind within the next minute. But i guess nothing beats what the eyes have seen. I guess this is the most invaluable lesson ever.

Rest In peace Mohamed Yunus bin Ahmad.
May your soul be placed together with the Prophets and all the Syuhada.
Al Fatihah

On a lighter note, I got into Innova JC. There are quite alot of students from EVGS enrolling at Innova.Have to report at 07 30 hrs on Monday. And to my friends who aren't posted to the schools that they opted as their first choice, try to go for the DAE. And if it is still unsuccessful, just remember that there is a silver lining behind every cloud aight.

Till we meet again,

Respect till infinity



hehe..i thought i am in the deepest dilemma ever..but when i saw Affiq choosing his polytechnic courses..mine's not so bad afterall..yesterday..i went to my alma mater and the guard is all it takes to make me feel like not going to that school ever again..I was wearing capal..a malay sandal..and that melayu guard blatantly say that i am wearing boy was wearing sandals and was also given a warning...i read the notice and it wrote"ex students not allowed to enter if wearing SLIPPERS."he is wearing sandals..which part is it that the guard miscomprehended?

But well..met affiq and khairul..and a small impromptu reunion of the E1s and E2s...Sarah, Rai, Steph, Affiq, Khairul, Baolong, Shixian, Keekwoon and Yusi was there..but well..nice meeting them again..and then i discussed with Affiq on the choices...but i myself doesn't really know what all the courses are all about..and so..we seek help from Ms Loola and Mr Viknesh...nice teachers..really informative and affiq made his first choice...Aeronautical engineering...after 3 days of contemplation and not forgetting the stress...but the government ought to give us more time to choose our course...4 days to determine your future is seriously inadequate and insufficient..hehe

As for me..i have made up my mind..and i'm going for course...i will be informed of which school i am going by 3rd march...subject combinations? Have some in my mind already...i write it here when its finalised..and dammit..if i get to Innova, A levels next year...thats fast. everybody..good luck in your future endeavours...aight..

Respect till infinity


History Repeats Itself

Well..the suspense and tension is now gone..i'm quite happy with my results. QUITE. I do think there are some of the subjects that i underperformed..Lit for example..a frigging more sickening can it get?But there are some improvements too..if being compared to my prelims..english, add maths and science especially..I was euphoric when i got to know i am eligible for Junior Colleges..something that has never happened since i took my exams in secondary 3..God really blessed me and i am very thankful indeed...

I never thought i could qualify into jc..cos' of my performance in my prelims..neither did i expect the L1R5 results i managed to for my friends..well some of them did quite well..the top student was none other than Lim Shi Yu with 8 straight As.....there are quite a handful that managed to qualify for jc..n the standards rose as compared to last year..

I seriously would like to thank God,parents, family,teachers,friends and foes and people who have helped me directly or indirectly..and everyone who have given their support..thank you very much..God Bless You all..aight..

And so...for some who knows me...

History Repeats Itself

Alhamdullilah...Thank God...

Respect till infinity


In Allah I trust

Ok.Many have asked me to write a normal entry once in a while. I guess this is my first one. After the O levels. I guess I did nothing much except for doing some voluntary work, recalling my keyboard skills and also slacking all the way at home. A few significant events happened though. And guess what, all those events are reflected in my previous poems. And because of all this unexpected events, I couldn't go for speakeasy. Have been missing it for 2 times consecutively. Two times. Mind you, what a blasphemy.

But I hope I won't miss the next one.My adrenalin has been rushing up to it's peak nowadays. Probably because of the O level results coming out. Seriously, I got no idea how I am going to fair. But I got a strong feeling that I will fail my science. I didn't really feel confident when I was doing the biology paper. God bless me and my peers.

I am trying not to write any political stuff here but well. I got to write this one. Whats up with the people setting up the western embassies into an inferno?I agree that the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is wrong. But the way they are handling it is not appropriate. They should at least do it diplomatically or something.Rather than raging in the street, killing innocent people and picking on westerners.Whom for all you know might also be disagreeing to the cartoons. Sometimes people just put their feelings above their mind.And thats not how a Muslim should act. How ironic.

But for the press, I guess they should be reminded that free speech comes with a great cost and also great responsibility. Any sane individual will think twice or like Vladimir said, a hundred times when doing anything that is provocative to one of the world's greatest religion.

Well, the next time I will write like this again will be, erm..I don't know actually..just when I feel like it aight.

So i guess thats it..I just hope I will do fine or if not better for my O levels.Pray for me and for us.

In God I shall trust.

Respect till infinity



In the midst of the Chinese new year, I suddenly came to realize that not only the Chinese are celebrating their new year; but the Muslims too. The Ma’al Hijrah which falls on the 31st January this year signifies a start to a brand new year according to the Islamic calendar and also the moment where the Islamic civilization is reckoned 1427 years ago.
But what are the lessons that we can draw from the history of Ma’al Hijrah?

At the moment where Prophet Muhammad PBUH started to preach Islam to Mecca, the opposition rise against the teachings of Muhammad PBUH which attacks their way of life and culture which are inhumane and barbaric. After diplomatic ways to hinder the teachings of Muhammad Pbuh fails, methods of violence and isolation set in. Sanctions and embargoes were placed onto all Muslim’s trade. No employer is allowed to employ Muslims. Muslims were persecuted and was forbidden to flee from Mecca. No one is allowed to marry Muslims. As a result of this Muslims were left starving and unemployed.

Lessons Learnt
Allah SWT gave the permission to the Muslims to flee from Mecca. In the fleeing process, the Muslims silently escape from the town of Mecca at night except for Muhammad pbuh and Abu Bakar Ra. An example of a good leader can be seen very well here. Muhammad pbuh as a leader did not escape first. Instead, he ensures that all Muslims are out of Mecca before he escapes, even though he is very well aware that his life is in danger of being murdered by the leaders of Mecca that are against him. Isn’t that what a good leader is about? One who takes care of the welfare of the people under him/her? One that puts the people he/she leads before him/her? One who sacrifice for the well being of the people he/she leads? Great ranks comes with great responsibility.

At the point of leaving Mecca, Prophet Muhammad pbuh was filled with sorrow. He wouldn’t want to leave Mecca if he wasn’t being persecuted and isolated by his people. He was very sad at the fact that he had to leave his birthplace. All for the welfare and the safety of his people. We could see the sacrifices that he made are all to safeguard the interests of his people.

During his journey towards Yathrib(modern day Madinah), he was chased after by the people of Mecca who is offered ten camels if they found Muhammad pbuh. He hid in cave hira. That is a moment of trepidation for Abu Bakar RA. However Prophet Muhammad pbuh tells him to be calm and not feel afraid, be strong and have faith in God and he will protect you from harm. It’s indeed true. By God’s will, a spider cast a web at the entrance of the cave and birds laid their eggs. When the enemy reached the cave, they search no further as they find it absurd for Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakar RA to enter the cave without unraveling the spider’s web and breaking the pigeon’s eggs. A lesson that we can draw here is that we should always have faith in God and always stay calm in the face of adversities. The saying 'panic makes the mind go asunder' is true after all.

Prophet Muhammad took two years to plan the escapade. Consequently, it works. The Muslims reached Madinah safely. Here we could see the importance of meticulous planning before execution of any ideas. As clichéd as it sounds, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Therefore, every event in history serves a purpose. It sure contains a lesson or two that can help us to become a better individual or society. All we need is a moment for self reflection.

May blessings abound from Allah SWT this New Year Insyaallah.

Respect till infinity


On Perspectives

I read an article in a magazine that left a deep effect on me. Here it goes:One day a wealthy man took his son on a trip to the rural villages with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people live. They spent a day and a night at the farm of their poor relatives. When they returned from their trip, the father asked his son:

"How was the trip, son?"

"Very good dad!" replied his son.
"Did you see how life is like for people who are poor?"

"Yes, I did!" said the boy.

"So what did u learn?" asked his father.

The son answered,"I saw that we have a cat at home, and they have three. We have a pool in the garden; they have a stream behind their house that has no end. We have imported lamps in the garden; they have the whole sky full of glittering stars and the moon. We buy our vegetables from the supermarket, they pluck theirs fresh and free from their own backyards. Our veranda reaches to the front yard; they have a whole horizon."

When the little boy finished, the father was speechless.His son added" Thanks, Dad, for showing me how poor we are!"

Extracted from NADI magazine, October 2005 issue, volume 02/05 from the segment of 'On perspectives'.

Interesting story isn't it?
Totally Brilliant.

Respect till infinity



Imagine a situation where you were commanded by God to slaughter your only son. Will you abide by God’s command or defy? That is the situation that Prophet Ibrahim a.s faced. He was commanded by God to slaughter his only child, Prophet Ismail a.s. He abided by the command. So did his son who willingly agreed, for his father to slaughter him as he knows that the command is the word of God. And so came Iblis laknatullah who tried to discourage Ibrahim a.s from executing God’s command. Everytime iblis tried to discourage him, he throwed stones at Iblis. This happened three times. And soon came the moment of trepidation-Ibrahim a.s is about to slaughter his son. His son requested for the knife to be really sharpened which will cause a quick death and let him die without much pain. As Ibrahim positioned the knife onto Ismail's a.s throat, God commanded for him to stop. God wants to see the level of loyalty his prophet has for him and God commanded Ibrahim to slaughter a sheep instead. Ibrahim a.s passed the test.

Ibrahim a.s. is willing to sacrifice his son in the cause of God.
How much have we sacrificed for our family, friends and community?

Ibrahim a.s has understood God’s whole plan for him.
Maybe one day we will understand Gods whole plan for us.

Salam Aidiladha.

Love and respect till infinity


Life?What Life?

aight...JC life is stressful..let me give u a taste of it...

8am-5pm School
5pm-7pm Rest
7pm-10 30pm Do homework, revise,tutorials.
1100pm Sleep

(and the next day, its the same damn cycle again)...haha..but actualli its not so bad..coz there are cca's and all..noe i'm sayin?

But watever it gotta be blaze..Right Amin??

Btw, my comps having i might not be updating very frequently...pardon me for that..

I'm Out of here...

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We're all blacks; when the lights go out.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Welcome to the booth.

Aight...So this is my English blog..where i will post everything in keep those tags coming..take care people..rhymes coming right up.

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