Saturday, July 01, 2006


Whether it is a sign onto man
or just part of predestination,
it is a message being sent,
of mercy and compassion.
When it meets their eyes and all was light,
their minds drift into wonders.
Names and phrases as they try,
to search and discover the answers.

Even after the ideas and finds,
impromtus that goes unplanned.
Deny they did of a divine,
Authority over lives of man.
It's been a long way, it might have been
still there's an ocean of secrets concealed within.

Zulqarnain MN
Word. This ish came to my mind when i was on my bed falling asleep. It was 3 in the morning and i woke up like one lunatic, grabbed a pen and spit it on paper.

Anyway, exams are done..summer tests are done..only one thing bugging me until the end of year...the Project Work much has to be thing after by one they come..conspiracy shit...but well..lifes good so far..on the 21 june went to watch theviva musica..its a band performance by hai sing catholic at victoria was aaaaaaaaaaight......but the ones that got the night blazing is the peeps around u..all so cool...hyped up...easy going..chill....i had a good time..although i was with ma ex..but hu cares...she is now my yea..i made a few new fren too..sabirah, affan, dayan, leh, huda, yasmin..and more...nice people they all..dope night i had...and the best thing was already 11 30 and i was still at east side(i live in the north btw)...haha..coming back at 3 in da morn is nothing new..but running for the last train..daym..that was close..

School life is aight so far..somehow im just can't be bothered of the things happening around me...aper nak jadi, jadilah..that kind of attitude.but it gotta go soon...coz if not..repercussions might be devastating...

And i was forced into participating in theatre ekamatra, this Pesta Peti Putih shit...its quite unique sister did participated in her pre u days..and so am legacy? of talents?hell yeah!! supposed to be shabir, a guy who influenced his friend to play 4d, with a self fulfilling perception of 4D as an investment instead of a form of gambling...wanna noe how these people act?look out for pak cik melayu yang pegang kertas warne pink in one group and then minum kopi or better..tiger beer!!!observe...and u have it, a real life nowadays...

tmrs idah's food..and thats good..but before that gotta go for this syf shit...i dunno why we are supposed to go.but prolly coz of the national stadium is gonna be torn down soon..and its gonna be hot..and IJ's uniform doesn't help in making us cooler...thanx..

so thats it...more updates coming..but i think..who the hell wanna read about my updates?but who cares if anybody cares?
Its my way on the highway...and im on the highway to hell..

Its all about the bass baby.

Respect till infinity


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