Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ramadhan Mubarak i'm back...its been a long time since isn't?..and people have been bugging me to update so here it goes...

First things first...I wanna wish all my muslims brothers and sisters..Selamat berpuasa..and that goes to muslims around the world. And in conjunction with the Ramadhan month, my tutor whose name is Ramadhan gave me a book called the "Reliance of The Believer In Ramadhan" by Mohammed Iqbal Bin Abdullah. Its a good book..with really in depth information about the month of ramadhan and things in parallel to the matter. It costs $15 in the market and i got it for free...Jazakallahu Khairan to Abg Ramadhan.

And i would like to take this chance to say this: those of you who are not fasting due to valid or wack reasons...please don't eat and drink in some respect for your own religion..and don't tarnish our image...It ain't nice when you have a non-muslim coming to you and asking," how come that guy is eating in the fasting month? I thought you all cannot eat at this time right?" whom it may concern..go figure..nuff' said.

Anyways, promos are here and I'm giving my all for it...I really hope that i will be able to pull through this yeah...anyway..nerds are cool..get that?one more things is this PW stuff...its time consuming and irritating...eating up most of my time where i can actually study or do something else..

last friday was my General Paper and mother tongue promos..It was 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigghhtt'...i tried my best and thats what that matters...after that whole tiring day..a lighter moment with my friends...crashed to Al Amin for iftar...dope deal they have there..$7 per person and we ate as if we paid $15...Al Amin is the ish' man..good food, good friends, good time....ribut gua cakap sama lu!!...

so tomorrow is my maths and economics paper..the schools exam committe is a GENIUS...maths and economics on the same day...they gotta be doping when they are making our exam timetable..anyway..its mind over matter...get my thing and get out..tomorrow is my exam..and what am i doing here??

Anyway..wish me luck for my promos...God help this month of thy mercy to your lowly servant. Amin.

aight.till i spit again...

Respect till infinity


"O believers, fasting has been made obligatory upon you as it was made obligatory upon those who came before you so that you all may attain piety."(2:183)

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