Sunday, May 07, 2006

Singapore Votes 2006- General Elections

Waiting quite excitedly for the results of my constituency, i watched as the results of each constituencies were announced. As the event unfolds, one thing became very clear- the PAP has been in power for too long and it is practically unfeasible to deny their expected mass victory and their voice of majority in the parliament. This has been a perplexing question for me. Why does the PAP always win the elections? Why not the SDP or other opposition parties for that matter? That question lingers in my mind, Until yesterday that is.

For the first time, i went for an opposition's rally, and the only word i can use to describe the contents putforth is irrelevance. Having read their newsletter way before the rallies started, what that i had been hearing is the highlighting of PAP's flaws. As much as I'm not a PAP's advocate, i still do agree that the PAP has at least displayed their future plannings, policies and schemes in their manifestos. Sadly, i have seen none or rather little of these things being conveyed in the rallies and manifestos in most of the oppositon's.

The opposition's rally remains within the axis of pointing out and picking the faults of others, much less in telling what they want to do to change the status quo. They actually did inform the citizens what they want to do. But how do they plan to go about doing it? What programme do they have in mind? Why look for other's flaw when you yourself doesn't have a policy or a programme to change it? Why exaggerate small issues that is already history? When people are voting for a government that can govern country towards a new and higher platform in the future?My friend was quite amused when reading the newsletters. It could probably qualify as a satirical newsletter rather than a political one.

All in all, i do feel that the nature singaporeans too do have an effect on the outcome of the election results. In my opinion, singaporeans will prefer to stay in the comfort zone. An example would be Potong Pasir, where SDA emerged victor and Hougang where WP too gained victory in the elections. SDA and WP have been ruling their constituencies for quite some time and the residents there are already comfortable with their own party and so continue to vote for them. The majorities mandate for PAP is clear, very evident and apparently beyond question.

The results for Aljunied was quite shocking, with only a small margin of 26 000 between the PAP and WP.2006's election has been quite exciting, with all the events that unfolds, and a more understanding of how the politics work. Maybe i will review on contemplating to participate in the politics. The saga, defamation, propaganda and whatnot might be exciting yet tiring.

I just wish to have at least a quarter of the parliament seats comprising of the opposition. I always believe that having a different perspective in a government is beneficial with reasons that are self explanatory. They all have Singapore's interest at heart anyway. However I'm afraid that my wish might be a little bit too much, reviewing at the current election results.

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