Friday, April 14, 2006

Underdog's Rendition

When the sun starts to shine,
its damn way before nine,
and we know we survived and left yesterday behind,
with eyes heavy we set ourselves to
with lecture sessions-probably the best time to drool.
The buses packed with people that each ear's plugged,
bouncing their
head as if listening to Tupac.
Bass booming in midst of misty morning,
life's rendition according to Pug Jelly and Ronin.
And when we reach school its "Good morning Mrs",
naggy P's, marvellous friends and uptight
Spitting the
mic about theory of relativity,
gets sick in there, its tempts you off your sanity.
Each minute works increasing a pile,
and you look ahead- gotta keep walking a million mile.
And we thought we've end this royal rumble,
then the next day damn, its the same cycle.

Zulqarnain MN

Respect till infinity


Hate it or love it underdogs on top.

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