Sunday, December 23, 2007

Talking of my greatest regret

About a week has passed and now then i have the courage to write about this.

You know, i'm the kind of person who, whenever a drastic change takes place, needs to take time and real solid evidence to tell me its for real.

And yes, when i see that the chair she used to sit is now used by someone else,

yes, when i no more see the white chair with the black bottom cushion used in zuhur/asar/maghrib/isyak for her prayers

yes, when i no more hear the gentle nuances of her voice whenever i give salam to the house

yes, when i heard the cute laugh no more when any member of the family cracks a joke

yes, when theres no more of me joking with her whenever she gives me extra cash

yes, when i see my grandpa alone at the window when we go home every weekend

yes, when there's one less person in the kitchen at the eve of Iduladha

yes, when.....i kissed her forehead and cheeks for the last time that evening.

Yes, Grandma left for Allah's abode on the morning of monday 10 december 2007.

Grandma i miss you.

If i had known this is to happen, I'd have not went to Ubin to enjoy myself.

I'd have visit her even though its just for a minute.

That was my greatest regret.

The regret of my life.

Khususan Almarhumah Hajjah Rahma Binte Mor, Al Fatihah.

May Allah bless you and may you be placed among the pious and his most loved servants.


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