Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!

I cant sleep.
Somebody sing me a lullaby please?

I keep thinking of my results tomorrow. Seriously, I've worked hard for this and if anything goes wrong then okla, gua accept juga. Heh. I tried hard, and if i fail, ok fine, aku bodoh. Or shit happens, or not suited for JC education or not good enough yet for university or....

Have been going through universities websites, advanced diploma courses on newspapers and the net and even faoundation years in certain Australian universities. And damn, Aus universities are gonna screw my cash dry if i enrol. But who said life is always cheap and easy?

One thing i hate about results day i the suspense. It can be fun but it can break you if you take it too hard. And having to face your friends, teachers, calls from acquaintances. It would be all sweet if the results are nice. But in a case of the otherwise. ehem ehem.

heh. Im just typing and i dunno whats the focus. heh but one thing for sure, im nervous. I don't wanna say anything now cos anything can happen.

We'll wait for tomorrow.


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