Friday, April 14, 2006

IJC poems have been in my mind so inspiration..nothing..prolly inspirations will start to flow again in a well..first week of JC...quite tiring i might say..sch starts at 8 and ends at hours dammit....but the sch is quite ok..everything is new..the Lecture theatres, classroom..u can still smell the scent of those new chairs and all..

As for friends, there is not much problems..because i met alot of ex-evgians in IJ...Ashraf, Afif, kee kwoon etc.....during lectures, the whole row of seats will be occupied with evergreen students..but i do meet other people from other schools..Syazwan, Aman, Hakim just to name yeah...everythings not so bad..

As for CCA's i got into New Media Arts..and i went for the audition...n i managed to pull through! I was accepted as one of their DJs..i rarely listen to the radio and i didn't even know how i managed to pass as a reason for joining the cca is because..i will get to learn how to manage a studio, digital music..and all those stuff...i'm looking forward to learning all these shit..
i took part in a second cca..Malay cultural club or something...i just want to participate in the debate and maybe pidato(oratorical contests)...too bad IJ doesn't offer EL pun bahas lah...debate jugak ape...hehe..

guess i still love to speak in front of a crowd..even thought i still get stage jitters sometimes..hehe..

although next week is a holiday...i have to go to school to attend the Bridging course...its to make up for the lessons we missed during our absence in the first 3 months..holy crap..

and so..that sums up my first week of school..aight..more rhymes coming thats it..happy holidays everyone.

Respect till infinity


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