Friday, April 14, 2006

In Allah I trust

Ok.Many have asked me to write a normal entry once in a while. I guess this is my first one. After the O levels. I guess I did nothing much except for doing some voluntary work, recalling my keyboard skills and also slacking all the way at home. A few significant events happened though. And guess what, all those events are reflected in my previous poems. And because of all this unexpected events, I couldn't go for speakeasy. Have been missing it for 2 times consecutively. Two times. Mind you, what a blasphemy.

But I hope I won't miss the next one.My adrenalin has been rushing up to it's peak nowadays. Probably because of the O level results coming out. Seriously, I got no idea how I am going to fair. But I got a strong feeling that I will fail my science. I didn't really feel confident when I was doing the biology paper. God bless me and my peers.

I am trying not to write any political stuff here but well. I got to write this one. Whats up with the people setting up the western embassies into an inferno?I agree that the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH is wrong. But the way they are handling it is not appropriate. They should at least do it diplomatically or something.Rather than raging in the street, killing innocent people and picking on westerners.Whom for all you know might also be disagreeing to the cartoons. Sometimes people just put their feelings above their mind.And thats not how a Muslim should act. How ironic.

But for the press, I guess they should be reminded that free speech comes with a great cost and also great responsibility. Any sane individual will think twice or like Vladimir said, a hundred times when doing anything that is provocative to one of the world's greatest religion.

Well, the next time I will write like this again will be, erm..I don't know actually..just when I feel like it aight.

So i guess thats it..I just hope I will do fine or if not better for my O levels.Pray for me and for us.

In God I shall trust.

Respect till infinity


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