Friday, April 14, 2006


Imagine a situation where you were commanded by God to slaughter your only son. Will you abide by God’s command or defy? That is the situation that Prophet Ibrahim a.s faced. He was commanded by God to slaughter his only child, Prophet Ismail a.s. He abided by the command. So did his son who willingly agreed, for his father to slaughter him as he knows that the command is the word of God. And so came Iblis laknatullah who tried to discourage Ibrahim a.s from executing God’s command. Everytime iblis tried to discourage him, he throwed stones at Iblis. This happened three times. And soon came the moment of trepidation-Ibrahim a.s is about to slaughter his son. His son requested for the knife to be really sharpened which will cause a quick death and let him die without much pain. As Ibrahim positioned the knife onto Ismail's a.s throat, God commanded for him to stop. God wants to see the level of loyalty his prophet has for him and God commanded Ibrahim to slaughter a sheep instead. Ibrahim a.s passed the test.

Ibrahim a.s. is willing to sacrifice his son in the cause of God.
How much have we sacrificed for our family, friends and community?

Ibrahim a.s has understood God’s whole plan for him.
Maybe one day we will understand Gods whole plan for us.

Salam Aidiladha.

Love and respect till infinity


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