Friday, April 14, 2006


hehe..i thought i am in the deepest dilemma ever..but when i saw Affiq choosing his polytechnic courses..mine's not so bad afterall..yesterday..i went to my alma mater and the guard is all it takes to make me feel like not going to that school ever again..I was wearing capal..a malay sandal..and that melayu guard blatantly say that i am wearing boy was wearing sandals and was also given a warning...i read the notice and it wrote"ex students not allowed to enter if wearing SLIPPERS."he is wearing sandals..which part is it that the guard miscomprehended?

But well..met affiq and khairul..and a small impromptu reunion of the E1s and E2s...Sarah, Rai, Steph, Affiq, Khairul, Baolong, Shixian, Keekwoon and Yusi was there..but well..nice meeting them again..and then i discussed with Affiq on the choices...but i myself doesn't really know what all the courses are all about..and so..we seek help from Ms Loola and Mr Viknesh...nice teachers..really informative and affiq made his first choice...Aeronautical engineering...after 3 days of contemplation and not forgetting the stress...but the government ought to give us more time to choose our course...4 days to determine your future is seriously inadequate and insufficient..hehe

As for me..i have made up my mind..and i'm going for course...i will be informed of which school i am going by 3rd march...subject combinations? Have some in my mind already...i write it here when its finalised..and dammit..if i get to Innova, A levels next year...thats fast. everybody..good luck in your future endeavours...aight..

Respect till infinity


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