Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Damn shit. I typed out an entry and then its gone. My internet went bonkers and played me out. Now i gotta type another entry. But hell, im not gonna type what i typed just now. Bitch.

Anyway, this reminded me of my college days, where we had an oratorical contest. One of the contestants, might have this brooding grudge with internet and the whole IT stuff that everytime he went on stage, he will say, " Ladies and gentlemen, today i'm going to tell you why i hate computers/internet/infotech." Now i understand why.

I'm excited that i got the tics for my sisters graduation ceremony. Heh. Im proud of her. She deserve the recognition. She worked hard and earned it. Da pakai topi yg square2 tu la die! heh.
My sister:My hero.

Gotta go and rest. Will be working this weekends. Bluek!

Thats all folks. Hope my internet won't go bonkers again.

Lets pray shall we.


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