Monday, June 02, 2008

Of Mondays and Ambitions

Today is okay. Been feeling abit tired because it's monday. Alot of students came down to division for the CEPP programme, apparently they just want to get their Civil Defence badge.

While having the CEPP, me and Sazali got the time to talk about our future plans. And i mean we really had a serious talk. Sazali is one of the few people i have met so far that actually have their ambition and is doing something to make it real. Well, he already did.

Sazali is a sports writer and he was a sports journalist for TODAY newspaper. And so we talked about education, life plans and ambition. He wants to be a journalist, i want to be a teacher. People like him motivates me to work harder to achieve my ambition. He will even be studying this september for his degree in journalism.

I feel great that there are still people who thinks that teaching is not a dumping ground. I have heard of people saying, "Worst comes to worst, if you can't make it in.....why not just apply for teaching." First things first, teaching is not an easy job. Ask any teacher and they will say that teaching requires alot of patience. Secondly, teachers are people you should respect, teaching as a career is, to me, a noble one. You are passing down knowledge to another person and hence, is sacrosanct, divine in it's own right. Everybody starts with a teacher. Teaching will never die. Education forever. And it shall not be a dumping ground. Never.

I'm really thankful that now, im a step further to becoming a teacher. My final destination is of course to be a lecturer. I hope the University matriculation process goes well without any hiccups. I finally get to be in my dream school. Alhamdullilah. *much love to my sister. Your my inspiration babe!*

Assoc Professor Zulqarnain MN

How does that sound now brown cow?

P.s: I love Siti Mariam:)

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Brooks

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