Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time Machine

Tomorrow is already Thursday and i think this week passed by me quickly. Maybe because i am constantly busy at work. Anyways, im glad that weekend is coming. Im shagged. Seriously.

I have been trying to revive my economics knowledge and what have i done? I actually grabbed the TODAY newspaper, turned to the business pages with a pencil in my hand and started scribbling little economic analysis as i read the article. Glad to know that i can still recall some of the economic concepts.(:

Anyways, i was reading about the rising cost of fuel in Malaysia and its effects towards the economy as a whole. Its nice that i can explain why it is expected to cause a slowdown in the Malaysian economy and also worsen inflation. The vibe of dissecting an economic article that i had during college days just surged in me all of a sudden. I seriously miss the thrill of studying.

I found that i always reminisce of my JC days. Maybe because i miss the carefree, less-responsibility life i had back then. What you do as a student is simple; study, study and study. I have no financial worries and of course i had real friends, friends who cry with you when you're down and not hypocrites. Maybe the stress is another level altogether but well, school was fun. Seriously, i cannot wait to start studying again on my next phase(University), hehe.

On another note, i'll be taking my BTT this friday. Hope all's good. My girlfriend have been calling me every once in a while at work. Just brighten up my day of how she cares for me. I feel bad that i don't call her while im at work. I love you sayang. I really do. Can't wait to meet her tomorrow. Miss her much.

OK.Till here folks.


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