Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just came back from work. Caught the replay of Abadi while teasing my sister(she's one of the lead actors).Hehe. Will be heading to Atok's house later, maybe after asar. It's been a while since i met up with the clan.

My sister dreamt of me. In that dream she received a call from some hospital saying that i passed away :o. And when she reached the hospital, the doctor told her that i'm not dead, but just in a coma. She said the cause of my coma was that i was involved in an accident or something like i got beaten up.

Word. Thats scary. But then again, it's just a dream. True or not, Allahua'lam.

Ok. Thats all folks. Anyway, I'm shagged and the weathers rather sultry. hmm.


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