Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just some daily thing I do

Just came back from my grands place. A farewell gathering before my grandfather departs for his Umrah tomorrow. Talking about umrah, i miss Mecca and Madinah. The last time i went there was a decade ago. I miss the environment, the poeple, the cultural experience and of course, looking at the Ka'aba and Sheikh Sudais and Shuraim's recitation. Listening it live brings it up to another new level altogether. Anyway i'll just hope that everything go on smoothly and my Grandfather and my uncle(they are going there together) have a safe trip forth and back. Insyaallah.

So tomorrow would be a trip to the airport to send them off, and then the family will have a function to attend. It seems that circumsicion is in trend now. Maybe because its the holidays.

Perhaps tomorrow i'll be meeting baby at night. We'll see how.

Thats all folks.

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