Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spread the Joy!


I have gotten two acceptance offers from both local universities i applied to(NUS and NTU).

I was offered Arts and Social Sciences at NUS and Mechanical Engineering at NTU. After much discussion with the family and a few friends, i decided on NUS for three reasons:

1) Its my first choice i.e. FASS, i want to do economics in university.

2) I like the buffet system in FASS which allows us to take a few different subject modules in the first year and declare our major only in the second year. I might have a change of taste:).

3) I can't lie on this. NUS FASS just got that vibe in it. One Word: Prestige. Not to say that other university lacks prestige, but it has always been my dream to go to NUS. Like a dream came true. You know?:)

so yeah.

I want to thank all those who congratulated me upon my acceptance into the university. My father, mother, sisters, familia, girlfriend,friends and acquaintances. I could not have done it without you guys. Thanks alot.

Of course, this is not only my hardwork. I owe alot to Him who listens when i seek guidance. The prayers before the papers and in the midst of baffled inquiry throughout my course of study. Thank You Allah. To you alone i pray and to you alone i seek help.

To Haters: don't hate the player, hate the game.

heh. and yes. I love you Mariam! I love u alot alot!(:

thats all folks. Till next time.


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